• SMP Fall 2020 Lead-off

    SHADES MTN PARK Join us as we have our Shades Mountain Park Fall Leadoff • Learn the latest hitting, pitching, and fielding drills that... More
  • SMP FALL 2020 COVID-19 Policy

    SHADES MOUNTAIN PARK (SMP) FACILITY USE POLICY Fall 2020  This Policy applies to all SMP-affiliated teams using SMP facilities during Fall 20... More
  • Welcome

    Welcome to the Shades Mountain Community Park  Rainout Information:  http://statusme.com/fs-alabama The main SMP website address is www.sh... More
  • PressBox Volunteer List

    PressBox Volunteer List and Scorebook training documents are in attached files below. If you are not on the list and would like to be added t... More