Kid Pitch (9 & Up) for Single A and Double A Teams

Updated Thursday January 15, 2015 by SMP Board.


Single A (Ages 9 & up)

What are the rule changes for the age groups in kid pitch?

The main changes are as follows:

  • The ball is always live so there is no timeout except for injury
  • Players can steal bases
  • For 10 and above, players can lead off.

What equipment does my child need?

Typically, your player will need glove, bat, helmet with facemask and chin strap.  A cup is recommended for players in the field and required for those playing catcher.

Does my child need to wear a cup for protection?

It is highly recommended that your child wear a cup and required for those playing catcher.

How much do we practice?

3-4 times per week during the season split between field practice and batting practice.  Once games begin, practices consist of one field practice and 1-2 batting practices per week.

How many games in the Spring season?Fall season?

Spring 10 games plus a tournament.  Fall is 6-7 games.

What are the pitch count rules?

These rules established for the protection of our kids and are intended to prevent them from over using their arms.  Pitch count rules can be found in Section 500 of each league’s rules.


Double A Teams (Ages 9 & up)

Who can play on a Double A Team?

It open to any player age 9 and above.

How much does it cost?

Currently, the park is not charging an additional fee for ages 9 & 10.  Ages 11 & above could have some park fees since the recreational league is not a requirement to play Double A.  Having said that Double A teams will incur uniform costs, tournament fees and perhaps some travel costs.  This information would be provided by the Double A coach and will vary from team to team.

How is Double A different from Single A?

Double A offers players an environment that is intended to provide those players with a more competitive field of play.

When are Double A teams formed?

Typically during the registration process for Spring or shortly thereafter.  Double A teams could form later in the Spring season should there be enough players to field a team.

How can I find out about Double A teams?

Currently there is not a list of these teams.  One may be available later in the season. 

Can Double Teams be formed later in the season?


Can players be added to Double A teams later in the season?


If our team plays in the Metro tournament at the end of the regular season, will we have to pay for it?

Yes.  There will be a team fee to enter the Metro tournament.

Does our Double A team have to use the SMP/Hoover brand?

No but it is highly encouraged.

Can our team wear SMP and/or Hoover jerseys?


When will the Double A teams practice?

Practices will be set by the Double A coach for that team.  The park will designate available practice nights so Double A practices will not conflict with Single A practices.

Does my son have to play in the recreational league in order to play on Double A?

Recreational league is a requirement for 9&10 year olds in order to play Double A.  This requirement is dropped for the 11& up.