Updated Thursday January 15, 2015 by Steven Casey.

What is the age cut off for birthdays?

April 30 is the cutoff used by the park.

Who can play at the park?

Any child who lives with a resident of the City of hoover is eligible to play at the park.  Also children of the City of Hoover employees are eligible to play at the park.  The park does not allow non-residents to participate at the park unless the child was in good standing and played at the park prior to the completion of Spring 2014.

Can my child play in a league higher than his age group?

Generally no.  Rare exceptions are made in ages below 8 with Board approval.

Can my child pay up in the league above him during the season?How many times can he do that?

Yes.  Your child can play up during the season should a team in that higher league need additional players.  However, your child is limited to 3 times per season.

How much does it cost to play in the Fall? Spring?

In Spring 2015,  Tball (ages 4&5) are $150.  All other ages are $185.

Do travel teams practice at the park?

Travels teams will practice at the park should field space be available.  These travel teams are ages 9 and above.  The recreational leagues take priority over these outside travel teams.

Is the park on Twitter?

Yes. Check us out at @shadesmtnpark.

Is the park on Facebook?

Yes.  Like us on Facebook at Shades Mountain Park.

I need to get a refund, can I get one? Who should I contact?

Please submit your request on the following form from the website.

Where can I get park merchandise?

Park merchandise will be offered throughout the year at the park.  Look for email blasts or our website for times.

I have a complaint about a coach or commissioner, what should I do?

For complaints about a coach, please contact the league commissioner. For complaints about a league commissioner, please contact the park commissioner.

How do I know if the park is open or closed due to weather?

There are four ways to check out whether the park is open or closed due to inclement weather.  First, you can call the park line at 205-822-4606.  Second, you can go to the website to check your particular field.  Third, you can sign up for text messages or emails about particular fields at  Fourth, sings will be posted on the individual fields if those fields are closed.  Please do not use a field that is closed.  This is for your safety.

How can I contact a park board member?

The following link will bring you to the Contact page which will help get you in touch with a board member.

Are coaches trained about concussions?

Coaches are required to take an online course to recognize concussions.

Are background checks performed on coaches?


How can I learn to keep the book?

There are some good tutorials on the internet that can be useful in learning to keep the scorebook.

What do I do if I need my child placed with another child for transportation reasons?

Please include special instructions on your registration.  We will try to accommodate your request but cannot guarantee it.

How can I get involved in the park?
Opportunities to help out at the park are listed on the website.  You can also contact Chris Blake for more information.

Are there community service opportunities for my kids?

There may be opportunities to provide community service at the park.  Events or opportunities will be communicated via email or the website.