UpdatedFriday January 26, 2018 bySMP .

Effective January 1, 2018, Shades Mountain Park will only allow the use of the following baseball bats: 1. Aluminum or composite bats with a 1.15 BPF rating stamp or USA Baseball stamp prominently and permanently displayed on the bat. 2. Aluminum or composite bats with a BBCOR mark permanently displayed which are recognized by NFHS as a legal bat for HFHS sanctioned play and has no more than a minus 3-ounce difference from the length of the bat (which must be at least 29 inches long). 3. A wood bat. Both small barrel and big barrel (2-5/8” or 2-3/4”) bats are allowed if they conform to the requirements listed above. Any bat that has been altered is illegal. In the event a team violates these Bat Rules, the bat will be removed from the game and immediately the following will occur: • It is the responsibility of the opposing head coach to ask the umpire to check the bat. • If an illegal bat is identified prior to the batter putting the ball in play, the bat will be removed from play and the batter will continue with his at-bat with a legal bat. It is the head coach’s responsibility to ensure that the bat is removed from the dugout and not used again. • If an illegal bat is identified after a batter put the ball in play, but before a pitch is thrown to the next batter, the defensive coach will have the choice of the result of the play or the player who used the bat being called out and all baserunners returning to the base they previously occupied prior to the ball being batted. • If a batter comes to the plate with a previously removed illegal bat, the bat will be removed again and the head coach will be ejected. These Bat Rules do not apply to T-ball. 

Shades Mountain Park Bat Rules - Jan 2018.pdf