Double A (11yo & up)

Updated Tuesday December 5, 2017 by SMP.

How is Double A different from Rec?

Double A is essentially travel baseball, in lieu of rec baseball, and offers players a more competitive environment with tournament-style baseball.

Who can play on a Double A Team?

It is open to any player age 11 and above, but would preclude participation in the rec league.

When are Double A teams formed?

Typically prior to the registration process for Spring or shortly thereafter.

When will the Double A teams practice?

A practice schedule will be developed by the park scheduler. Working with the 11/12 and 13/14 age group commissioner, utilizing the SMP Practice Priority policy, a practice schedule will be developed that allows all teams to have practice time. Priority for selection is defined in the policy that can be found on the park’s website.

How much does it cost?

Currently, the park is charging $100 per player for field utilization and insurance. Double A teams will incur uniform costs, tournament fees and perhaps some travel costs which will be provided by the Double A coach and will vary from team to team.

How can I find out about Double A teams?

Currently there is not a list of these teams. Contact your age group commissioner if you want to find out more information.

Can Double A teams be formed later in the season?

Coaches of Double A teams must notify the park by mid-January (by the date specified in posted spring registration calendar) if they are participating. However, if field space is available a team could be formed later. Coaches should contact the age-group commissioner to determine if the request can be accommodated.

Does our Double A team have to use the SMP/Hoover brand?

No but it is highly encouraged.

Can our team wear SMP and/or Hoover jerseys?