GBBA (6yo-12yo) 

UpdatedThursday April 4, 2019 bySMP.

What is GBBA?

SMP provides for its rec players an opportunity for extra baseball, in a more competitive environment, through participation in the Greater Birmingham Baseball Association (GBBA) postseason. GBBA is an organization of community baseball park’s devoted to the organization of the area-wide post-season youth baseball program for Homewood, Hoover, Mountain Brook, Trussville, Vestavia and Oak Mountain,

How will GBBA teams be formed?

To participate in the GBBA post-season for SMP, a player must have participated in the rec season. GBBA teams will be formed for each age group according to the board approved Team Selection Policy, which can be found on the SMP website. Our goal is to have every kid interested in playing placed on one of the teams. However, there is no guarantee of every player making a team. The number of teams from each age group will depend on the number of players interested and available coaches.

When are evaluations?

The 6yo age group will not form teams until late April and selection will be based on coaches assessment of performance during the rec season.

For age groups 7-9, evaluation sessions will be held on Sundays, starting as early as February 11, and will be facilitated by the league commissioner and conducted by rec league coaches. Teams will be formed at a selection meeting, typically on the Sunday prior to spring break.

Ages 10 and up can form teams at the beginning of the rec season

When will GBBA teams practice?

GBBA team practices will be held on Sundays after teams are formed.

When is the GBBA tournament?

The GBBA tournament play will begin right after the conclusion of the rec season and will conclude no later than Father’s Day.

What is the cost to participate?

Participation on a GBBA team will carry a financial commitment much greater than participation on a rec team. The financial commitment will be determined by the team coach, but could range from $150 to over $300. 

GBBA Official Rules for 2019.pdf